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Writer's Block: Behind the wheel

If you could have any vehicle (a helicopter, sports car, space ship, yacht, etc.) and a free place to park it, what would you choose, and why?

i'll have a rocket. then i'll park it in a mall parking lot for the lols



This will be one of the days that I'll cherish forever.

Thank God I took this event seriously or else it will only mean that I didn't appreciate the four years of my stay at Philippines Science High School.

The Picture Taking
Reunited with our first and second year sections for a photo-op. What a cute sight to see. Telling our former classmates how much we have changed over the years, how foolish we have been during our stay together as classmates, reliving the funny moments. and posing for the camera one last time as a class. It was so cute. Remembering almost everything that has happened during our time.

The Ba11oon Ceremony
It's so sad that some people didn't took this activity seriously... anyway, In this activity, we were asked to write wishes and stuff on a note card attached to balloons, and then we are going to release it towards the sky. I won't put my wish in this entry because it's sort of private but I do hope it will come true. When we were done writing, we released our balloons. The sight of green, yellow, red, and blue balloons flied up to the sky. What a wonderful sight to see.
The Human Bingo

This is what happened during the Human Bingo. When the song listed on one of the boxes started to play, look for a person whom you want to dedicate the song currently playing and make him/her sign it. I completed it. yeah! :D
The first game was a chair relay game. We were grouped according to our freshmen classes. This game was really confusing. Garnet sadly lost. But we had fun. Well I had fun, I'm just thinking that they also had fun. I'm pretty sure they had fun. :D
The second game was done with our sophomore sections. It was an egg relay contest. We were to toss eggs. It was hard catching it, but Champaca was able to finish it. We ended up with third place, I think. It was sure fun.
The third game was done with our juniors sections. We played a mix of musical chairs and the newspaper thingo. It was fun because it was planned as in, we had a plan on how to fit 15 people in two chairs. It was awesome. Sadly, when we reached 3 chairs. they said we should reduce the numbers of the remaining sections from 15 to 9. That sort of sucked because we can still do it with 15 members. Anyway, the last challenge for the game was to whoever can fit themselves to three(or was it two) chairs first wins. We won this game :D
The last game was boring but our team won, Charm, Electron, Gluon, and Graviton. yeah.
Burn it A11
This is the time where in we got to remove a little pain from ourselves. It may be about Academics or something more personal. We got to remove a little pain. I wasn't able to bring my old sketchpad so I just had to burn those stuff I really need to burn. I burned the pictures, the stuff I wrote about her, My notebook became really thin. i think I went halfway. Sad part about this is that even though I burned it already, I still can't forget her. I can't remove my feelings for her until I can get to talk to her. Why is life such a bitch.
Stand Up if...
When Paul D told the batch what the rules are for this activity. I told myself, I'm going to be true about myself this time. So the questions began. I stood up frequently. I think there was only one question where in I didn't stood up. I really cried after this event. I went to my friends and told them how much I appreciate them. This part was what really made me cry.
Although I really wanted to do something else during this time, i had to listen to them because I know what they are going to say will affect me, and yes it did. The experiences the students talked about was true one way or the other. I actually felt inspired. Sir Vlad's speech was awesome, and as always, he is really worth listening to. Even though I failed his class, I still think that I learned something from him. He's an awesome teacher.
Batch 2011, The batch I held on to ( Vlad Lopez, March 18, 2011)

Looking back, not just on what happened yesterday, as in for the past four years, I can't believe I survived. Will I really graduate. I still can't believe it. I don't want it to be over just yet. I just have to do one more thing and I can safely say that I can leave Pisay without leaving anything behind. I'll remember everything that has happened to me in my stay here at Pisay. I'll make sure I won't forget the best batch ever. Thank you 2011!



Writer's Block: Food glorious food

If you could get a free, unlimited supply of one food for life, what would you choose?




 Ngayon ako ay nagsisisi
Bakit ko nga ba minadali
Nararamdama’y biglang nasabi
Kaya ngayon gustong magbigti

Wala na bang magagawa
Upang ako ay masalba
Paano na kaya
Wala na akong kaluluwa

Pero pilit na aabutin
Parang mga bituwin
Kahit ano’y kakayanin
Sana ikaw ay maging akin


A week of lasts....

 I can't believe it. The school year's almost over.
Feb 21
-last math long test
-last fil class
-last webdev class
-last english quiz
-last homeroom
-last chem long test and class
-last str class
-last physics project
Feb 22
-last math class
-last bio class
-last english class
-last econ class
-last viscomm class
-last physics class
-last econ project
Feb 23, 24, 28
-last perio
I wish i could just stop time.... i don't want it to be over yet. I'd better do things to make this week of lasts last.

Writer's Block: Hit the road, Cupid

If you had the power, would you permanently eliminate Valentine's Day?

 yes, i would. because if someone really likes a person, he/she should show it everyday. valentines is not the only time that we should make our love ones feel more special. it's like saying, hey it's valentines, i'll take her to a date or something, but when it's not, it will be just an ordinary day. that sucks, so i say remove valentines, so that we could know if someone really appreciates a person.
 2F Saunterfield, Km.17 Ortigas Ave. Ext. Cainta, Rizal.

MeiDolls Maid Cafe


muntik na akong mabudol

 So as the title says, muntk na akong mabudol. Siguro kasi dahil sa malaki ang dala kong bag kaya inisip siguro nila na marami silang makukuha sa akin. Ganito kasi yon. Paakyat ako ng overpass ng biglang may kumalabit sa akin. siyempre nasupresa ako. tinanong niya sa akin kung may nakita daw akong taong mukhang rakista. syempre huminde ako kasi clueless ako. so paalis na sana ako pero ayaw papigil ng dude, hinablot niya yung jacket ko, muntikan ko na ngang masampal sa kanya yung buhat kong physics book eh. well anyway, so hesitant yung gustong mang-gago sa akin. kinulit lang niya ako. tapos biglang dumating yung kasama niya. nagkahint na ako nung tinanong niya yung pangalan ko at nung pinapasama niya ako somewhere. Buti na lang at nakasalpak sa tenga ko ang earphones ko at di ko siya masyadong marinig. At dahil sa sobrang gulong gulo ng isip ko sa mga panahon na iyon dahil prom na bukas at nagmamadali na akong umuwi. sinabi ko na lang bigla na kailangan ko ng umuwi. hehehe....